Happy World Flour Day!

Today we are celebrating a humble but essential ingredient: wheat flour. Looking towards the future, we need to explore ways to grow more sustainable and resistant wheat. Research on genetic optimization could help achieve this, by creating stronger wheat strains that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and pathogens.
Developing better technologies to process wheat flour may help us obtain greater yields, reduce waste and improve the nutritional value of the end product. By investing in avant-garde technological development, we can ensure that wheat flour becomes more accessible, affordable and sustainable for everyone in the world.

We also need to prioritize education about healthy wheat nutrition to guarantee that there is worldwide access to the necessary nutrients for a healthy and active life. By promoting the benefits of wheat flour, we can help fight malnutrition, and improve personal and community health.

From Venezuela, at Industrias Inalsa we are working towards a future where wheat flour is sustainably produced and is consumed in such a way as to benefit our people’s nutrition.

Happy World Flour Day!

Submitted by

Richard Ceballos | Quality Assurance Management

Alimentos INALSA, S.A.