Visions for the future of flour

The Innovative Future of Flour: Where We’re Going? - Flour production is a complex process that evolves over time. It is not confined to grain grinding alone but also includes adding some ingredients and additives to improve the quality of flour, and to achieve consistent production. If I am to think about the future of flour, I would imagine… Continue Reading
Working as the manufacturers of a solution - My full name is Claudio Alberto Canepa. I work as Head of Strategy & Industrial Development for Moderna Alimentos Sociedad Anónima. My relationship with flour goes a long way back, since I was born into a miller family. Later this was reinforced after 30 years at Müller and the Swiss… Continue Reading
Nutrition for our people - Happy World Flour Day! Today we are celebrating a humble but essential ingredient: wheat flour. Looking towards the future, we need to explore ways to grow more sustainable and resistant wheat. Research on genetic optimization could help achieve this, by creating stronger wheat strains that are able to withstand harsh… Continue Reading
Continuous change and development for the better - As Eris Flour, we have adopted the vision of constantly increasing our value-added contribution to our world, society, customers, and of course, our human resources by using our accumulated knowledge, experience, and good relationships with a philosophy of continuous change and development towards the good, while adhering to ethical values.… Continue Reading
The future of flour is driven by innovation - Harinera del Valle, with 76 years of history, is one of the most representative food companies in Colombia. For more than seven decades, it has been part of the life of Colombians, accompanying them with a complete portfolio of products derived from wheat flour such as specialty flours, pasta, cookies,… Continue Reading
Nourishment for every household - We are working to ensure the continuity and quality of flour, which is one of the most important food products for humanity, the white gold for our lives. The product world of tomorrow will be shaped by the effects of climate change, pandemics, wars and earthquakes on the agricultural sector.… Continue Reading
Adding new products that offer greater nutritional value towards better population health - Molinos Nacionales C.A. has dedicated part of its business to developing wheat flour-based ready-mixes. This idea has been internationally welcomed and has allowed us to become an avant-garde supplier of greater quality products, allowing our clients to save time and money. However, this is the moment to take one more… Continue Reading
Education is key - Today we celebrate the worlds most popular staple food, also known as "white gold": Flour has been part of our human diet for 32,000 years, and has contributed to health, well-being, and prosperity around the world.“ This years motto is The Future of Flour and our answer to that is… Continue Reading
Fortification for a better global nutrition in future - Looking at the future of flour, fortification plays an increasingly important role. Research shows that globally, one in two preschool-aged children and two in three women of reproductive age have at least one micronutrient deficiency. Rising food prices make the situation worse, as it gets more difficult for people to… Continue Reading
A continuous evolution towards more diverse, sustainable, and customized options in the flour sector - I'd really like to see less or no added sugars in bread, in order to avoid diseases like diabetes early on. I also see a move to more alternative flours with less gluten and lower carb contents - i.e. almond flour, coconut flour, chickpea flour, and quinoa flour. These flours… Continue Reading
Monica’s vision for healthy flour - My vision for the future of flour is that it will be organic, locally freshly milled and essentially whole grain. Submitted by Monica Alton Spiller Continue Reading
Milling and distributing high quality maize flour - Our Vision is to mill high quality maize flour and distribute in Kenya. Ensuring that it's fortified with the vitamins and minerals required for a healthy population. Submitted by Simon Kimani | Director Slimfa Merchants Continue Reading
Reaching the zero-hunger target - Wheat flour is the most important ingredient for the food industry, and we need it for food security and worldwide nutrition. Wheat flour is needed to make progress towards meeting the Sustainable Development Goals and reaching the zero-hunger target.  Pilar Ortiz | Director of the Wheat Millers Chamber National Business… Continue Reading
Joining hands to feed the world - "The granaries are overflowing, let's find out the ways to join hands to feed the world." Submitted by Vinod Goel | Chief Executive Officer Blue Caravan Commodities New Delhi India Continue Reading
Millrun for livestock - The components of milled grain which are not flour provide valuable pet and livestock feed. No waste products from milling ? Submitted by Robert Crawford George Weston Foods Limited Continue Reading

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