My full name is Claudio Alberto Canepa. I work as Head of Strategy & Industrial Development for Moderna Alimentos Sociedad Anónima.

My relationship with flour goes a long way back, since I was born into a miller family. Later this was reinforced after 30 years at Müller and the Swiss School of Milling. I have remained in this industry throughout my entire working career.

My view of flour as a food is that we are facing a huge challenge: the world’s growing population. Both wheat farming and the transformation of wheat into flour will be in demand in order to meet this great need. In the business world, we no longer work as millers, but as solution providers.

This solution involves different types of customized flour depending on its use and industry, bearing all the necessary quality certificates.

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Claudio Alberto Canepa | Head of Strategy & Industrial Development

Moderna Alimentos Sociedad Anónima