Harinera del Valle, with 76 years of history, is one of the most representative food companies in Colombia. For more than seven decades, it has been part of the life of Colombians, accompanying them with a complete portfolio of products derived from wheat flour such as specialty flours, pasta, cookies, tortillas, brownies, and ready mixes, among others.

The Company recently inaugurated the Arcesio Paz Paz — Haz de Oros Innovation and Experience Center, located at the Production Plant in the city of Palmira, Valle del Cauca. This new Innovation Center bears the name of the founder of the Company and of Haz de Oros, the brand of wheat flour that won the hearts of Colombian bakers and families, thanks to the quality and diversity of its products, being located in first place in the top of mind of consumers, managing to consolidate itself as the leading brand of wheat flour in Colombia.

Without a doubt, innovation marks the future of the industry and especially that of flour. For this reason, this new Innovation Center is a commitment to sustainability and a look towards the future of baking in Colombia by Harinera del Valle, since it promotes the different uses of wheat flour through training and research. “Our new Arcesio Paz Paz — Haz de Oros Innovation and Experience Center is a dream come true. A great opportunity to continue contributing to the construction of the bakery industry and market in Colombia. We continue to work, day by day, on our purpose to make Harinera del Valle a World Class Organization that contributes to strengthening our clients’ businesses, positively impacting the growth and development of our country,” says Juan Carlos Henao, General Manager of Harinera del Valle.

Specialized in the use of wheat flour for bakery, industrial processes, among others, this Innovation Center trains and provides training tools to Company customers, allowing them to strengthen the value offer of their businesses. In the same way, it is an important training center for the Professional Bakery Advisors that Harinera del Valle has and also for its Research and Development team.

As part of the inauguration event, a training certified by the US WHEAT ASSOCIATES (United States Wheat Association) was carried out. “It really seems to me that it is a tremendous contribution to the training of bakers in Colombia and Harinera del Valle, today as a leader in the Colombian market, deserved a space like this to be able to provide its clients with an area not only for training, but also for bakery demonstrations that will serve to continue developing the bread market in Colombia”, said Miguel Galdós, Regional Director U.S. Wheat Associates.

With the new Arcesio Paz Paz — Haz de Oros Innovation and experience Center, Harinera del Valle as a company that Knows Food, ratifies its commitment to the future of the industry, teaching and transferring knowledge, opening opportunities for co-creation and new developments that allow the bakery industry to evolve and maintain current, responding to the expectations of new consumers.

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New Arcesio Paz Paz – Haz de Oros Innovation and Experience Center

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